Database Architect

Create efficient systems for organizing company information.

What does a Database Architect do?

Imagine driving to the office one morning to find desks overturned, filing cabinets out of order, and chairs strewn everywhere. You have an important report due, but you can’t find anything in the mess. That’s what it’s like working on a computer system with a poorly designed database. Work as a Database Architect, and you’ll create databases-the underlying code for handling computer data-that run smoothly and efficiently so everyone can find exactly what they need.

Organization is only one key element in designing your database. Security and speed are two other crucial factors. Like the framework that supports a skyscraper, the database of a Database Architect must be strong and supportive-all while staying out of sight.

It starts with the design process. Mapping out how the database will store information, and how other software can interact with it, creates speed and accuracy. The database also needs a level of security to prevent errors and protect private information.

The installation process comes next, and that’s where Database Architects dig into the code of the database. You often work on a team for large projects, giving each person a different portion to create.

After the database is finished, it’s time to test and test again. Bugs need fixing, errors need handling, and code needs simplifying. When it’s all over, your database comes out swinging and ready for action. You’ve successfully created a foundation for a company’s entire virtual world to build on.