Database Administrator

Install, monitor, and protect databases.

What does a Database Administrator do?

Blueprints are to architects what databases are to computers. Like a blueprint, a database is a plan that a computer can follow to build a new document.

Database administrators set up systems employees can use to easily input new information–like new clients’ names–into the database. Then others can easily pull up information without retyping it. People the world over will thank you for preventing many aching fingers.

How does a database work? It all builds on a basic template. For the computer to find stored information again, it needs to know where it’s at. Think of the database as a giant virtual filing cabinet. After setting up the filing cabinet, you tell the computer how to use it. You let the computer know how the data is organized, be it alphabetical, numerical, or a system you created.

It takes a love of organization and a passion for creation to enjoy a career as a database administrator. As the head honcho in the database department, you cover the entire database project from creation to completion. If you’re one of those people who outlines detailed grocery lists before going shopping, or who keeps their Excel spreadsheets sorted alphabetically, then database administration may be the field you’ve always dreamed of.

One day you’re building a database from scratch for a new customer, and the next you’re updating out-of-date info for an existing client. Regardless of the project at hand, you round up information and put it in its rightful place.