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Data Warehouse Developer



Create software that gathers and organizes company data.

What does a Data Warehouse Developer do?

A Data Warehouse Developer, sometimes called Data Warehouse Architect, builds the electronic warehouse that encompasses a company’s networks, programs, and data collection systems. Since everything’s digital nowadays, people have MP3 libraries instead of CD collections, e-books in their e-readers instead of books on their bookshelves, and electronic voicemails on their smartphones instead of recordings on their answering machines. It’s not surprising, therefore, that businesses, too, have embraced electronic information.

Because companies have a lot more information to manage than individuals, however, they require a lot more storage than you’ll find on an iPod or flash drive. In fact, they require a whole warehouse’s worth of storage. That’s where the Data Warehouse Developer comes in.

Think of it like a really big digital filing cabinet: As a Data Warehouse Developer, you build the filing system in such a way that storing, organizing, retrieving, and reporting information is as easy, efficient, and effective as possible. To do this, you’ve got to be an expert in extract, transform, and load (ETL) software, which is software that extracts data from source systems, transforms it into the appropriate format, and then loads it into the data warehouse. Basically, it’s your job to design, build, test, and implement this software, then lead troubleshooting and training efforts.

Essentially, you’re a collector. Instead of coins or comic books, however, you collect data, which you’re paid to store and organize for companies so they can use it to make decisions, analyze trends, forecast business performance, etc.

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