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Data Processing Services Sales Representative

Contact representatives of organizations to solicit business.

What does a Data Processing Services Sales Representative do?

Contacts representatives of government, business, and industrial organizations to solicit business for data processing establishment: Calls on prospective clients to explain types of services provided by establishment, such as inventory control, payroll processing, data conversion, sales analysis, and financial reporting. Analyzes data processing requirements of prospective client and draws up prospectus of data processing plan designed specifically to serve client’s needs. Consults SYSTEMS ANALYST 030.167-014 and COMPUTER SYSTEMS HARDWARE ANALYST 033.167-010 employed by data processing establishment to secure information concerning methodology for solving unusual problems. Quotes prices for services outlined in prospectus. Revises or expands prospectus to meet client’s needs. Writes order and schedules initiation of services. Periodically confers with clients and establishment personnel to verify satisfaction with service or to resolve complaints.