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Data Miner



Extract info from databases and summarize it into graphs and charts.

What does a Data Miner do?

Companies are often quite good at gathering information about their customers. They may have entire databases devoted to minute information about each and every customer they’ve ever done business with.

Marketing departments love this information, as it allows them to build effective and invasive campaigns. Most marketing departments, however, have no idea how to access the information they’ve gathered. So they hire Data Miners to develop programs that analyze and explain this data.

As a Data Miner, you might work for a health care company, an advertising agency, a bank, or a retail chain. Anyone who’s trying to sell something to someone will probably hire you. Having this many employment options might make you just a little bit cocky.

On a typical workday, you’re given a large amount of data, and you develop sophisticated computer programs to comb through that data. Data Miners might look for ways customers are similar or different, for example, or home in on one age group. You might also look at financial information gathered from customers.

You develop colorful charts and graphs to explain what you’ve found. You break your research into small words so even those who aren’t computer savvy will understand what you’re trying to say.

Additionally, you develop computer programs to protect your information from hackers and curious outsiders. Customers, in general, don’t like to share their private information, and they often retaliate when a company inadvertently discloses confidential details about them. You make sure this never happens in the company you work for.

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