Data Management Manager

Oversee a team charged with gathering and sorting company data.

What does a Data Management Manager do?

Small bits of information, or data, aren’t helpful unless they’re organized, combined in different ways, and utilized in meaningful reports. As a Data Management Manager, you lead a team than manipulates data in this way.

If your team is small, you do quite a bit of data manipulation yourself. As a Data Management Manager, you meet with other people in your company to talk about the data the company collects and how it should be used. You may find out, for example, that each order contains zip code information, and the marketing department wants to know where the company does little business.

So you- the Data Management Manager- scurry back to your desk to create a program that will extract that piece of information and place it into a report. You may ask one of your subordinates to write the program, and then you check that program to make sure it works.

If your team is quite large, you may do little data work yourself. You check over the programs your workers produce, assign work to them so they stay busy and don’t surf the internet on company time, write up annual reviews of employees, and reprimand them if they’re making too many mistakes. You also hire new workers or fire existing ones. You must continue to keep your data management skills sharp so you can train new employees and help those who are struggling.

You constantly look at the information the company gathers, and think of new ways to combine that data into reports. You play a game with yourself, trying to come up with reports even before anyone requests them.