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Data Entry Coordinator

Organize tasks and schedules for Data Entry Clerks.

What does a Data Entry Coordinator do?

Data Entry Coordinators organize the flow of data in and out of a business. While Data Entry Clerks are typing away at their keyboards, Data Entry Coordinators take over the managerial aspect of data processing.

As a Data Entry Coordinator, you provide client interaction and quality assurance. Your day is spent at the office checking data for accuracy, scheduling workloads around project deadlines, and calling clients to report progress.

Billing offices, hospitals, warehouses, and a host of other large-scale businesses all need Data Entry Coordinators. They have patient bills and client orders to track, and charging the wrong customer for a plasma screen TV would not end well for customer satisfaction.

With the help of a Database Administrator, you set up the system that controls data flow. While it sounds complex, it merely involves a lot of brainstorming and some hands-on time with database software. You test for bugs and update client info as you grow your customer base.

Good Coordinators are organized problem-solvers with excellent communication skills. You must be fluent in the computer language of data and able to talk face to face with employees or customers. Like gravity, good data management is the unseen force holding a business together.