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Data Entry Clerk



Enter, update, and maintain information on computer databases.

What does a Data Entry Clerk do?

Though technology advances and computers grow smarter every day, there is still one simple task that they cannot do: read a piece of paper. Data Entry Clerks form the link between scribbled reports and a computer’s database of information. A Data Entry Clerk’s job is to type or scan documents into the computer, and double-check them for accuracy.

Equipment such as scanners and handwriting recognition software significantly speeds up your work, but it’s by no means perfect. Errors still abound, and it’s up to a Data Entry Clerk to proofread and edit the computer’s translations. Even data entered by another person can still contain mistakes that you need to find and fix.

Where does all this information come from? Businesses like banks or supply companies are drowning in order forms, written receipts, and canceled transactions. You type this information into a large database, often resembling a spreadsheet. The software provides many shortcuts to help you enter the information without typing it out letter by letter. A common word like ” Doctor ” might enter itself automatically when you type “Dr.”

Speedy typing skills are key to this position, but your ability to decipher handwriting is a plus as well. Not all clients take the time to pen a perfectly formed report, and they may sometimes write numbers that look more like chicken scratch. Soon you’ll develop a sixth sense for reading what the rest of us would deem an unreadable line of handwritten information. And through your efforts, everyone will have access to copies of this important data.

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