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Data Engineer



Design, build, and manage data infrastructure.

Salary Range

$85,000 - $123,000

Salary range derived from OFLC job titles

What does a Data Engineer do?

Data engineers design, build, and manage information or ‘’big data’’ infrastructure. You create architecture that helps analyze and process data according to organizational needs. Additionally, you’re responsible for systems performance and accountable for gathering, collecting, storing, doing batch-processing or real-time processing, and sending the data to a data scientist who queries it.

Companies often merge or share responsibilities between data scientists and data engineering since there are skills and responsibilities that overlap between the two positions.

Required skills for data engineers include extensive database knowledge and engineering practices. Experience in building software is often a requirement for entry-level positions. Critical skills include data analysis, data warehousing, data transformation, and data collection.

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree, preferably in software engineering, is required, with most employers asking for a master’s degree. Certifications in specific applications are available and are preferred by most employers.

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