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Data Communications Technician

Install and repair data communications lines and equipment.

What does a Data Communications Technician do?

Installs and repairs data communications lines and equipment for computer system, using handtools and test instruments: Reviews work orders to move, change, install, repair, or remove data communications equipment, such as modems, cables, and wires. Reads technical manuals to learn correct settings for equipment. Measures, cuts, and installs wires and cables. Splices wires or cables, using handtools or soldering iron. Connects microcomputer or terminal to data communication lines, using handtools and following diagrams and manuals. Disassembles equipment and inspects and tests wiring to locate and repair problem. Modifies equipment in accordance with user request. Tests communication lines to ensure that specifications are met, using testing instruments such as voltmeter and data scope. Enters commands into computer to test equipment. Reads messages on computer screen to verify that data is being transmitted between locations according to specifications. May plan layout and installation of data communications equipment. May demonstrate use of equipment.