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Data Architect



Create a system for processing company information.

Salary Range

$75,442 - $113,573

What does a Data Architect do?

Data Architects ensure the complete and successful building and integration of data systems and all of their components. Basically, this means that when working for a large corporation (which you most likely will with this kind of job), there will be multiple streams of information being used within the company, all of which need to be handled using different systems. As the Data Architect, you make sure that the computer systems in your workplace are set up to handle the varying streams of information and all of their complications.

You work in the IT department within your company, and are always on hand to troubleshoot the issues that might affect those information streams. In addition, you constantly build structures that will allow new data. The various systems that you oversee include order processing, finance, and inventory, just to name a few. All of those systems have to work together, be accessible on varying levels to different departments, and allow room for growth and change.

With your careful architecture, you ensure the implementation, organization, and reliability of those systems. Your work ultimately affects the company’s bottom line. To do the job well, you have to be a good communicator as you’ll most likely be part of a team of Data Architects.

You’re also greatly involved in the security of the systems, as well as setting the system standards and managing the results. There will be a lot of hard data and pressure for results, but your contribution leads to systems that will be used by your employers for years to come.

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