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Express emotions or stories through movement.

What does a Dancer do?

As a dancer you have the unique opportunity to express art through the movement of your body. You get to tell a story, express a feeling or idea, and “move” others with your own movements. But getting to the level of a professional dancer takes years of practice and commitment to your craft, with long and difficult practices. Also, keep in mind that most start at a very early age, and the career spans in this field are much like a professional athlete’s, usually ending around your mid-thirties.

The life of a dancer, while challenging, does have quite a bit of glamour. Many dancers get to go on tour for musicals and other large productions, while others choose to settle down in big cities where most of the work is. You may become a backup dancer for a famous performer traveling all over the world, or you could work for a small dance company in a local theater. Or anything in between–the possibilities are endless.

There are many kinds of dancers, as well as genres of dance, so finding the right one for you might take time and a “turn” in each kind of style. You might decide to focus on ballet or tap, modern or jazz, but whatever you decide, be prepared to start as a background dancer or understudy, possibly for years, honing your skills before you get the spotlight all to yourself. And with the surge of TV shows and tours focused on dancing, popularity has gone through the roof and increased demand for this art form.

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