Dance Therapist

Use music and movement to help heal patients with a variety of issues.

What does a Dance Therapist do?

Dance therapists employ the psychotherapeutic use of dance or movement to help patients of all ages with emotional, social, cognitive, or physical problems. In other words, you help people heal through dance.

Often patients have trouble expressing themselves verbally, and find it is easier to express thoughts and feelings physically by using body language and the medium of movement. As a dance therapist, you are able to assess and interpret these movements and gain insight into their behavior patterns.

In a single day as a dance therapist, you can help a breast cancer survivor improve her body image, improve the self-esteem of a patient with an eating disorder, teach an autistic child new coping skills, and help a patient suffering from Alzheimer’s break down their communication barriers.

Dance therapy is considered a form of holistic medicine, since it is based on the belief that the body, mind, and spirit are interconnected and can be treated as a whole. Because of this, these services are being offered more and more at wellness and alternative health centers. Dance therapists also work with patients, one-on-one, in office settings (minus the couch), as well as in group settings at schools, nursing homes, and psychiatric or medical facilities.

It is a fascinating form of creative art therapy, used to help treat and prevent physical or mental health problems, as well as providing you, the dance therapist, with the satisfaction of helping others.