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Dance Teacher

Coach students on their dancing techniques and skills.

What does a Dance Teacher do?

If you like wearing leotards everyday, walk en pointe for fun, and consider the barre as your best friend, then the job of a Dance Teacher is for you. Dance Teachers work in a variety of places, and teach students of all ages the different forms of dance.

Schools-ranging from public high schools to universities to private dance academies-employ Dance Teachers. So do gyms, dance studios, and professional dance companies. While the student’s level of skill will vary depending on where you work, the responsibilities are the same. You instruct them on dance techniques, and as they’re moving, you observe, take note of their weaknesses, and think of ways to correct their technique and form. You create drills and classes that will challenge your students to improve, and teach different skills and activities to make them stronger dancers.

Sometimes, you function as a Choreographer too, although this is generally considered a totally different position. In this role, you come up with different moves and link them together to create a dance performance. Other times, you teach classical or traditional dances that have existed for years, like the merengue, for instance.

Out of many different types of dances (salsa, ballroom, ballet, etc.), you can choose to focus on just one. Or you can be a jack-of-all-trades and teach many types. The more focused you are on one style, the better you’ll become and the more likely you’ll be able to teach at a professional level. However, the more varied your skills, the more job opportunities you’ll find.