Dance Studio Manager

Handle the business side of running a dance studio.

What does a Dance Studio Manager do?

As a Dance Studio Manager, you take your love of dancing one step further, intertwining physical agility with the mental waltz of running a business. It’s a two-sided occupation, uniting business sense with your perfected dance moves. You hire Teachers, attract new clients, and oversee individual lessons. You’re the boss, the Secretary, and the marketing department all rolled into one.

Being a Dance Studio Manager means that, first and foremost, you’re the boss. Overseeing your staff and staying on top of the legal forms for your business take top priority and keep your studio running smoothly.

When your business affairs are in order, you switch to Secretary mode and start planning. Teachers can’t all hold dance sessions at the same time. Scheduling classes and buying equipment are necessary for success.

Of course, as a Dance Studio Manager, you have to put the word out if you want to attract clients! Your creativity flows as you whip up an ad to run in the weekly paper, or print off colorful brochures to pass out to prospective clients.

Your Dancer ‘s spirit may balk at the idea of paperwork, but that constitutes only a fraction of your job. The majority of your time involves communicating with students and Teachers who are passionate about their craft, and, of course, dancing! Whether you lead a class or offer demonstrations to potential clients, this job lets you bust a move.