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Dampener Operator

Tend machines that dampen rolls of paper prior to calendering.

What does a Dampener Operator do?

Tends machine that dampens rolls of paper prior to calendering: Inserts steel shaft in core of roll and positions roll on machine frame, using hoist. Aligns roll on shaft and fastens collar to shaft to secure alignment, using rule and wrench. Turns valve to regulate flow of water into tank and starts machine. Threads paper through feed and tension rolls and wraps end of paper around rewinding roll. Turns handwheels to adjust tension and friction rolls. Turns switch to start rotary brush that throws spray of water from tank onto underside of paper. Pounds paper with wooden club to prevent loose winding on roll. Observes feeding, spraying, and winding of paper for excess moisture and loose winding, and makes adjustments. Loads rewound roll onto dolly, using hoist, and pushes it away from machine.