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Dam Director

Be responsible for a dam's operations and maintenance.

What does a Dam Director do?

A Dam Director oversees the operation of a dam. A dam is used for the movement of vessels through a waterway, and the Dam Director ensures that everything works as it should. Working with Dam Operators, Administrative Assistants, and Safety Inspectors, the Dam Director needs pretty big shoulders in order to carry the responsibility that rests on them.

As a Dam Director, you’re likely to spend the majority of your days in an office. Relying on your training in English, mathematics, communications, computers, and all things mechanical, you wear many different hats for one single job.

For example, when an operations error occurs with the dam, you’re expected to know what to do. Whether you oversee the repairs or make the decision to shut the dam down until repairs are made, you’re held accountable for your choices. Critical thinking and sound reasoning are necessary in this job, as you likely report to elected officials at the state or federal level, or at the very least, the local unit of government.

A background in finance or accounting is also beneficial, as you manage the departmental budget as well. Whether you have money to invest in the dam or need to make tough decisions on personnel due to lack of funding, this multilayered position requires practicality.

In some cases, depending on the location of the dam, you may be required to enforce safety guidelines. Safety regulations imposed by the federal government and the U.S. Coast Guard must be followed, and it’s your job to make sure they are.