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Dairy Farm Manager



Manage dairy farms.

What does a Dairy Farm Manager do?

Manages dairy farm: Plans, develops, and implements policies, procedures, and practices for operation of dairy farm to ensure compliance with company’s or owner’s standards for farm production, propagation of herd, and regulations of regulatory agencies. Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, farm activities, such as breeding and rearing livestock, feeding and milking of cows, storage of milk, and sterilizing and maintaining facilities and equipment. Reviews breeding and milk production records to determine bulls and cows that are unproductive and should be sold. Inspects facilities and equipment to ensure compliance with sanitation standards, and to determine maintenance and repair requirements. Authorizes, requisitions, or purchases supplies and equipment, such as feed, disinfective and sanitation chemicals, and replacements for defective equipment. Secures services of VETERINARIAN for treatment of herd or when cows are calving. Prepares farm activity reports for evaluation by management or owner. May direct and coordinate activities concerned with planting, growing, harvesting, and storage of feed forage crops. May directly supervise dairy workers on small farms.

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