Dairy Engineer

Design and build storage equipment for dairy products.

What does a Dairy Engineer do?

A Dairy Engineer is responsible for designing the equipment that keeps dairy products at the right temperature.

As a Dairy Engineer, you take your dairy products seriously. Not only do you know what it takes to make a good glass of milk, but you also know the precise temperature that makes it taste the best. Your background in mathematics, engineering, chemistry, English, and computers provides the well-rounded knowledge base you need.

When a milk production facility needs to improve the efficiency of its cold storage units, you’re called on to make it happen. Utilizing your skills with computer-aided drafting, you design a more compact cold storage tank that fits the customer’s specifications. Finding ways to improve the temperature control for milk-based products lets you put your engineering and creative thinking skills to the test.

Excellent communication and critical thinking skills are also necessary for a Dairy Engineer. Working with a team of Designers, Dairy Technologists, Dairy Scientists, and Farm Managers, you must be able to effectively communicate your ideas. When a proposed design is ready for review, you present it to your Supervisors and the client for approval. If a problem or design flaw is found, you go back to the drawing board and find a way to fix it.

But rest assured that even if you don’t like dairy products or are lactose intolerant, there’s still a place at the table for you. You don’t have to drink, eat, or even like dairy to be a Dairy Engineer – but it couldn’t hurt either.