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Dairy Consultant

Advise dairy producers on how to increase milk production.

What does a Dairy Consultant do?

Improving the way Dairy Farmers do business, a Dairy Consultant evaluates processes and suggests ways to make them better. Falling under the broader category of Animal Scientist, a Dairy Consultant uses scientific methods to research milk production and breeding methods.

As a Dairy Consultant, you work with corporate dairy farms, dairy researchers, and Animal Geneticists. On the farm or in the laboratory, you find ways to make cows produce more milk of a higher quality. Using your background in chemistry, biology, algebra, geometry, and calculus, you find ways to increase milk production in a variety of ways.

For example, you know that feeding dairy cows a specific combination of grains and hay makes them produce more milk. What you don’t know is whether this feed combination is effective in all breeds of cows.

Through scientific experiments, you make modifications to the feed until you come up with the precise quantities for a specific breed. The perfect balance of vitamins and nutrients will produce higher volumes of milk. The more milk produced, the more profit the Dairy Farmer makes.

Excellent communication and organizational skills are required as a Dairy Consultant. When you find the perfect blend of grains, you must convey this information to the Farmers as well as to your peers in the scientific field.

Physical strength and stamina are necessary, too, as you bend, lift, and carry up to 50 pounds regularly throughout your workday. The importance of your job is reaffirmed each time you pour milk over your cereal and with every moo you hear on the farm.