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Cylinder Press Operator

Make ready and operate cylinder-type printing presses.

What does a Cylinder Press Operator do?

Makes ready and operates cylinder-type printing press: Verifies size, color, and type of paper and color of ink from job order. Cleans inking rollers with solvent and replaces them in press, using handtools. Adjusts controls to regulate volume of ink. Packs impression cylinder with tissue or folio. Adjusts delivery tapes, and positions and locks form on bed or cylinder of press. Directs CYLINDER-PRESS FEEDER in adjustment of feed guides, grippers, and elevator, or hand-feeding press. Starts press and runs off proofsheet. Examines proof to determine off-level areas, variation in ink volume, register slippage, indications of offsetting, and color register. Adjusts press controls, inking fountains, and automatic feeders, and repacks cylinder with overlay to equalize off-level areas as required. May register forms and mix colors. May make overlay for half-tone shades. May operate cylinder press equipped with cutting attachment or may replace type dies with cutting dies to cut or shape paper or paperboard. May operate more than one press. May be designated according to kind of material printed as Check Imprinter; Envelope-Press Operator I; Label-Press Operator I; size of press as Pony-Cylinder-Press Operator. Important variations may be indicated by trade names of machine used.