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Keep fit and strong while competing in professional bike races.

What does a Cyclist do?

When bicycles were invented, they were used merely to move people from one place to another. Eventually, one person decided to go just a bit faster than his neighbor, and the neighbor decided to retaliate and go a bit faster as well. The sport of bike racing was born, and Cyclists everywhere continue the tradition to this day.

While you might be able to jump on your bike for the first time on race day and bring home the prize, you increase your chances of success as a Cyclist if you train extensively. Nearly every day, you need to ride your bike somewhere. You may go on long rides to practice your endurance, short rides to practice your speed, or uphill rides just to torture yourself. Augmenting your workouts with lower body weight training may also help you succeed, and, being the devoted Cyclist that you are, you tackle these workouts with cheer.

The heavier you are, the more you must haul around on your bike. Staying thin, especially in your upper body, can give you a competitive edge. You know how to stop at just one Dorito, and you may weigh yourself frequently throughout the week.

Most mornings, you scour the Internet looking for races to join. You may also look for companies to buy space on your body. Wearing a uniform covered with logos may not be fashionable, but it pays the bills.

Some races may be held close to your home, in which case you simply toss your bike in your car to participate. Other times, you may need to travel long distances to join races. You may spend a lot of time on trains, in cars, or on airplanes as you move from race to race.

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