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Cycle Coordinator

Facilitate the process of getting women pregnant using donor eggs.

What does a Cycle Coordinator do?

Modern-day medicine doesn’t solve all of nature’s problems. When a woman has difficulty conceiving a child, her selection of eggs is often to blame. But, new technologies allow these women to use eggs from another woman in order to start a successful pregnancy. The Cycle Coordinator is a Nurse who plays an important role in transferring eggs from a donor’s body to the recipient’s.

When we talk about eggs, we’re talking about microscopic specks made up of genetic material. There are a variety of processes, but the goal is to combine those eggs with the sperm and implant them into the womb of the mother. Since women only ovulate a few days each month, it takes some intervention from the Cycle Coordinator to get both women on the same part of their cycle.

As a Cycle Coordinator, you evaluate both women and review medical histories. Then you administer medications that speed up or slow down the body’s natural preparation for baby making. When the donor ovulates and the mother’s system is ready to receive the eggs, you coordinate the exchange and even assist Fertility Specialists during medical procedures.

Of course, it’s no easy task to find the perfect donor for the wannabe mommy, so you help screen and match potential donors. You also ensure that both women receive physicals, and you chart all procedures in the patient files. In addition to your medical knowledge, this job will make good use of your compassion and desire to offer support.