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Cybersecurity Strategist

Work in-house or as a Consultant, creating plans to prevent cyber attacks.

What does a Cybersecurity Strategist do?

Cybersecurity Strategists create offensive and defensive tactics regarding cybersecurity. Cybersecurity Strategists are one of the main lines of defense against cyberattacks on businesses and governments. And with the growing use of cyberspace, and the prevalence of the Internet and computer systems, cybersecurity is a big deal. Governments, individuals, and high-profile businesses all need it, and if you’re a Cybersecurity Strategist, any of them can be your client.

It’s up to you to determine the weak spots in a computer or online system. You may be an in-house employee of a company, especially if it’s large enough to necessitate round-the-clock cybersecurity. Or you may work for a security consulting firm, hired out for specific jobs, and brought in by a particular company only to assess situations and apply your knowhow.

Because of the countless viruses, hackers, and other forms of attack that hound computer users, a large part of your job involves staying on top of the latest cyberattack methods and, more importantly, figuring out how to remedy those situations. You have to know how to find a company’s weak points, set up blocks and barriers to every kind of attack, and make sure that defensive position lasts. You also update defensive strategies, and put some kind of time guarantee on your work, allowing a window of time where your client can be sure that what’s out there isn’t a threat.