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Cutting Machine Tender

Tend power shears that cut sheets of materials.

What does a Cutting Machine Tender do?

Tends power shear that cuts sheets of material, such as paper, pressboard, foil, cardboard, cork, or plastic material to specified dimension for items, such as cartons, wrappers, labels, business forms, or gaskets: Adjusts guides on machine to regulate width of cut according to work order, following calibrated scale on machine bed or using ruler. Positions and aligns sheets against guides and presses lever to clamp sheets to bed of machine prior to cutting. Presses button(s) or moves lever controls to force shear blade through sheets. Adjusts guides and repositions material to trim or square edges to specifications. May change shear blade, using handtools. May be designated according to type of material cut as Cardboard Cutter; Cutter, Plastic Sheets; Paper Cutter. May cut material manually, using hand-powered shear, and be designated Paper Cutter, Hand.