Cutter Machine Tender

Tend machines that cut copper or aluminum laminated fiberglass sheets.

What does a Cutter Machine Tender do?

Tends machine that cuts copper or aluminum laminated fiberglass sheets, hardboard, and cardboard backers for production of printed circuit boards: Reads work orders to determine type, size, and quantity of PCB materials to be cut. Adjusts guides on machine to regulate width of cut, using ruler or following calibrated scale on machine bed. Positions and aligns sheets against guides, and depresses pedal to activate blade that cuts material. Adjusts guides and repositions material to trim or square edges to specifications. Records production data. May mount material on spindle of machine that automatically feeds material onto bed of machine for cutting. May tend pinning machine that inserts metal pins into laminated boards and related backing material prior to drilling operation. May replace machine blades, using handtools. May bake cut boards in oven to remove excess moisture. May clean machines.