Customs Brokerage Entry Writer

Take care of the paperwork that comes with every shipment.

What does a Customs Brokerage Entry Writer do?

A Customs Brokerage Entry Writer is a bit like the Personal Assistant for a shipment. As it moves from one country to the next, Customs Brokerage Entry Writers trot alongside (virtually, of course), supplying the tickets, providing the proper paperwork, making the payments, and ensuring that the package has a jolly time and gets to its destination without hassle.

If you’re a Customs Brokerage Entry Writer, you likely work for a freight business. You may be in charge of regular shipments from the same company, or deal with several small shipments from a variety of different clients. You prepare a mountain of paperwork to ensure that the shipment won’t get hung up in a port or behind a customs desk.

You detail how much it weighs, where it was made, how hazardous it is, what’s to be done with it when it arrives, and a staggering amount of other information. You also arrange for any tariffs that need to be paid. While you may be tempted to skip steps so you can head to lunch a little early, doing so could mean delaying the shipment, and getting in big trouble.

You keep accurate records of all the paperwork you fill out. Shipping can be chaotic and paperwork is sometimes lost in the shuffle, so you must be able to produce duplicates of your paperwork at a moment’s notice. You may also be required to present this mountain of paperwork to the client, so that you can prove you’ve done work to earn your fee, and that you deserve to be paid.