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Customs Broker

Facilitate the process of getting imported goods through customs.

What does a Customs Broker do?

Any company looking to import goods into the United States needs the services of a Customs Broker. The Customs Broker is the person or business that represents the goods being brought in, and handles any fees or issues that might arise during transport.

As a Customs Broker, you can think of yourself almost as a Translator for Importers of goods and products from other countries. You give advice on the type of transport or shipping routes that should be used, fill out entry forms, pay any duties or taxes, and handle problems if goods are held in custody. If necessary, you suggest different types of insurance or insurance providers, and research possible firms that will take care of distribution once the goods arrive safely. Your services make the importation process as smooth as possible because you anticipate any problems that might arise, and solve them before the goods land, dock, or park.

You might work for a broker firm, or you might do this job on a freelance, project-to-project basis. Either way, your clients rely heavily on you for explanations regarding the ins and outs of trade and tariff regulations. You need to know the long list of goods that have quotas on them, different exchange rates, and the different classifications so you can keep your clients’ goods out of custody and moving on their way. This is to ensure you always give your clients up-to-date customs information, much of which can be obscure and ever-changing.