Customer Services Coordinator

Coordinate production of printed materials.

What does a Customer Services Coordinator do?

Coordinates production of printed materials and prepress or printing services with customer’s requirements: Confers with customers throughout production to keep them informed of status of job, to solicit and resolve inquiries and complaints, to obtain approval of materials, such as artwork, color separations, ink samples, and proofs, and to procure information and materials needed by establishment personnel to process order. Determines supplies, materials, and equipment needed for job order, plans and draws layout of job, and routes supplies and materials, such as pasteups, artwork, copy, film, or prints, to work areas to put job order into production. Monitors progress of job order throughout production, confers with establishment personnel, orders supplies, contracts services with outside vendors, and alters production schedule and job order to expedite timely processing of job in accordance with customer’s requirements and company standards.