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Customer Service Representative



Liaise between customers and companies by addressing questions and complaints.

Salary Range

$25,980 - $42,040

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

What does a Customer Service Representative do?

In the modern world, there’s more competition than ever for consumers’ attention. Customer Service Representatives are on the front lines of this battle, where they spend their days fighting for customer loyalty on behalf of their employer. As a Customer Service Representative, your best weapon is “service with a smile.” In other words, you win business by winning over customers.

Employed in virtually all industries, Customer Service Representatives serves as the primary point of contact with clients. You interface with them in person, online, or over the phone in order to answer their questions, receive their comments, and address their complaints.

Sometimes, you function as a Salesperson, taking orders and answering questions about products’ features, prices, and shipping. Other times, you act as a Technician, helping customers install or troubleshoot products and services. Always, however, your job consists of the following fundamental tasks: receiving and responding to customer requests and listening to customers’ questions, comments, and complaints. You also maintain customer records by collecting contact information, documenting conversations, and logging transactions. Finally, you work with Managers and other departments in order to solve problems and resolve conflicts.

Ultimately, however, your number one promise and priority is this: You help market your company by being friendly, kind, and courteous. After all, when customers feel cared for by companies, they reward them with their business.

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