Customer Service Manager

Speak to the public as a customer service liaison for your company.

What does a Customer Service Manager do?

Hillary Clinton famously said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, as it turns out, it takes a village to please a customer, too. And the Mayor of that village is the Customer Service Manager. Like any Mayor, your job as a Customer Service Manager is twofold. First, you’re a Manager, which means supervising employees, implementing policies, and enforcing rules. Second, you’re a Spokesperson, which means being an official representative to the public.

You could be employed in a large call center, in a retail store, or in the customer service department at a corporate headquarters. In any case, you’re typically junior to the Customer Service Director. He or she oversees your entire department and establishes its policies and procedures. You, on the other hand, implement those policies and procedures as a front-line Supervisor.

Essentially, that makes you a chief Customer Service Representative, as you manage all the other Customer Service Representatives. But you also share many of their responsibilities, including interfacing with customers by phone and email in order to open accounts, make sales, process orders, answer questions, and resolve complaints. This is especially true when a customer asks to speak to a Manager, because you’re that Manager!

In addition to modeling excellent customer service, you’re in charge of typical managerial duties, which range from scheduling employees to training them to conducting performance reviews. Even when you’re working with employees, however, your focus is on customers: Your job as a Customer Service Manager is cracking the figurative whip to make sure they get the best service possible!