Customer Service Director

Oversee strategic-level customer service processes and procedures.

What does a Customer Service Director do?

“The customer is always right. Even when the customer is wrong.” That’s the philosophy of the Customer Service Director, as it’s their job to take care of their company’s customers.

Without customers, there are no sales, revenues, or profits. As a Customer Service Director, therefore, you form the foundation on which the rest of your company stands. You make sure customers are satisfied so they buy products and recommend them to their friends, which ensures that your company can continue growing to the benefit of its stakeholders.

Unlike a Customer Service Manager, who oversees front-line customer service, you occupy a high-level, strategic position. The head of a customer service department or call center, you therefore spend less time managing people and more time managing processes. While Customer Service Managers spend their days supervising Customer Service Representatives, for instance, you usually spend yours establishing customer service systems and protocols, interviewing and hiring the best customer service staff, setting and tracking customer service goals, and designing and implementing customer service training.

That said, you often jump into the trenches, too: When you’ve got a really irate or important customer — the kind who asks to speak to a Manager, and then to the Manager’s Manager — you step in to show your staff how it’s done.

Ultimately, though, your goal is always the same: Whether you’re on the phone with a customer or in the C-suite with senior executives, it’s your job as a Customer Service Director to orchestrate superior customer service that improves your company’s reputation and increases its sales.