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Custom Stock Maker



Lay out, fabricate, and finish standard or wooden gunstocks.

What does a Custom Stock Maker do?

Lays out, fabricates, and finishes standard or wooden gunstocks: Selects wooden blanks according to customer’s specifications. Draws outline on blanks following pattern or template. Cuts along outline with bandsaw to form rough stock; and shapes recesses in stock, using chisels, gauges, and rabbeting tools. Bores holes to specified depth in butt of gun, using drill press or brace and bit; and inserts weights to attain specified balance. Attaches frame and trigger assembly to stock and screws barrel into frame. Mounts gun in holding device of layout table and locates and draws finish outline, centerline, pitch, pull, and drop, using pencil, scribe, straightedge, square, and butt drop gauge. Shapes contours, using drawknives, chisels, gauges, rasps, and files. Finishes stock, using sandpaper, emery cloth, steel wool, oil, stain, and varnish.

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