Custom Shoemaker

Create custom fit shoes for clients.

What does a Custom Shoemaker do?

Shoes are often designed to fit an average foot. Because of that, people who have not-so-average feet may struggle to find shoes that fit properly. When going barefoot is no longer an option, these people visit a Custom Shoemaker. Custom Shoemakers create special shoes for special feet.

If you’re a Custom Shoemaker, you take exact measurements to create precise shoes, but most people won’t want to stand in your shop for weeks while you build shoes around their feet. Instead, you trace their feet on paper, or create plaster replicas of their feet for your use. Sometimes, you have models of the shoes that you make; other times, you create shoes based on your client’s fantastical ideas.

Using the measurements, you cut out the sole of the shoes and the fabric that will make up the top. You glue these parts together first, and then reinforce that glue with stitches. You may also glam up the shoes with dyes and coatings, making them look as great as they feel.

If they have laces, you punch holes for those laces. If they have buckles or some other closure method, you attach those items. Lastly, you attach the heels.

When the client returns for the shoes, you fit the shoes on their feet and ask them to walk about. Sometimes, you make adjustments to the shoes based on these small walks. Other times, you simply accept payment and move on to the next customer.