Custom Leather Products Maker

Lay out, cut, and assemble custom leather products.

What does a Custom Leather Products Maker do?

Lays out, cuts, and assembles custom leather products, such as belts, purses, sandals, and garments, from original designs or existing patterns: Examines customer’s sketch or sample of leather product to be fabricated and confers with customer regarding specifications of product. Draws outline of leather parts on paper or cardboard to form pattern, and cuts out pattern pieces, using square, compass, ruler, pencil, and scissors. Selects leather, positions pattern on leather, and cuts leather parts, using knife and shears. Assembles leather products according to sketch, utilizing knowledge and experience and work devices, such as sewing machine, needle and thread or leather lacing, glue and clamps, or rivets and riveting tool. Applies liquid dyes, soaks leather in water, or engraves designs on leather to obtain special effects or shapes. Attaches buckles, metal rings, decorative brads, or grommets according to design, using handtools. Stitches or glues fabric or leather linings according to product design. Occasionally displays items and sells them to customers.