Curtains and Draperies Salesperson

Sell curtains, draperies, slipcovers, bedspreads, and yard goods.

What does a Curtains and Draperies Salesperson do?

Sells curtains, draperies, slipcovers, bedspreads, and yard goods from which these may be made: Displays samples of fabric and advises customer regarding color and pattern of material or style that will complement furnishings in customer’s home. Selects size or number of curtains or drapes required, based on customer’s specifications or window measurements. May estimate cost of fabricating draperies, curtains, or slipcovers. May measure and cut fabric from bolt. May also sell curtain and drapery rods and window shades. Performs other duties as described under SALESPERSON Master Title. May sell custom-made draperies to customers in their homes and be designated Salesperson, Custom Draperies.