Curb Machine Operator

Drive and operate curbing machines to extrude concretes.

What does a Curb Machine Operator do?

Drives and operates curbing machine to extrude concrete and asphalt curbing on parking lots: Reads specifications to determine location, width of base, and shape of curbing to be installed. Lays string between reference points and sprays paint along string to form curb-machine guide marks. Brushes cement and water mix onto pavement to provide bond between curbing and pavement. Selects and installs specified curb-forming die into machine, using handtools. Fills hopper of machine with asphalt or concrete mix, using shovel. Starts machine motor, engages clutch, and guides machine that extrudes curbing along guidelines. Smooths edges of curbing, using trowel, and cuts expansion joints in curbing at specified intervals, using edger. Maintains and repairs machine, using mechanics’ handtools. Drives curbing machine onto truck trailer and drives truck to transport machine to job site.