Cultural Anthropology Professor

Teach university students about cultural anthropology.

What does a Cultural Anthropology Professor do?

Cultural Anthropology Professors study the origins of social relationships among humans across cultures. Since they work primarily as a Professor, Cultural Anthropology Professors are first and foremost Teachers. Because of this, if you’re a Cultural Anthropology Professor your teaching skills are perhaps the most important. You should also have a desire to research, to constantly learn more, and especially, to understand humankind.

In addition to your work within the classroom, you also occasionally go on archaeological digs, most likely during summers. Your work as a Professor will be completely different from what you encounter on digs. You deal with administrative duties, grades, and office politics when you’re a Professor on campus. And on a dig, you worry about your findings, your writings, and spiders.

Digs are a great opportunity to bring students along and create a mentoring relationship under real-world circumstances. It’s also important to publish papers as often as you can. Writing continually is a great way to bring attention to your research, and raise funds for the digs you go on each year.

Whether you teach students in the classroom or bring them along to digs, your role is to be the Teacher, the Instructor, and the informer. You should have a genuine love for teaching. It’s totally unlike any other career, and it takes a special kind of person to lovingly do one of the toughest jobs out there.