Culinary Historian

Teach, write, or consult about food history.

What does a Culinary Historian do?

If you’ve ever wondered why eggnog is big at Christmas or how it came to be that turkey means thanksgiving, then the job of a Culinary Historian might be for you. Culinary Historians look at the past through food and drink, analyzing how different meals and drinks have shaped current cultures and societies.

The kind of job you get as a Culinary Historian will depend a lot on what you want to do and your ability to think out of the box. Most companies don’t really hire for this specific position but if you’re creative you can find ways to write, research, or teach. Pretty much any job a Historian has you can get. This means you might find yourself lecturing at a school, writing a book or doing research, but instead of the Civil War you’ll be dealing with food so you might work at a culinary school or write a cookbook.

If reading and writing all day isn’t your cup of tea there are other options for you when it comes to job hunting. Movie Producers and Television Producers hire Culinary Historians to make sure the food being served in their movies is accurate. In this case you are the one to come on set and let them know the milkshakes they are serving in their 1820’s period piece aren’t quite what people were enjoying in that time and give them some suggestions of other foods that would work.