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Cubing Machine Tender

Tend machines that stack and bind cured concrete blocks into packages.

What does a Cubing Machine Tender do?

Tends machine that stacks and binds cured concrete blocks into packages of specified dimensions for shipping: Places strapping tape on machine feed spindles and threads tape through guides and rollers of machine. Presses buttons to activate conveyor that positions blocks under binding mechanism of machine, and flips switch to start machine that automatically wraps strapping tape around specified number of blocks to form cube-shaped packages. Presses buttons to set machine pressure gauges that regulate tension of strapping tape. Observes blocks on conveyor to detect imperfections, such as chips, cracks, or discolorations, and replaces defective blocks. Manually rearranges blocks on conveyor, when required, to maintain prescribed order. Stops conveyor and machine when jams occur and clears jams, using metal bar. Adjusts machine guides to package blocks of different styles and sizes, using wrench. May attach identification tags to packages. May tend machine that stacks and binds brick into packages and be designated Strapping-Machine Tender.