Crystal Slicer

Operate precision saws to slice wafers from semiconductor crystal ingots.

What does a Crystal Slicer do?

Operates precision saws to slice wafers from semiconductor crystal ingots, such as silicon or gallium arsenide: Attaches mounted crystal to holding fixture of automatic feed on saw, using clamps. Adjusts saw controls to set speed and angle of saw blade, thickness of cut, and angle of holding fixture. Operates saw to cut sample wafer from crystal ingot. Measures crystal orientation of sample wafer, using x-ray machine, and measures thickness of sample wafer, using calipers or thickness gauge. Inspects sample wafer for flaws, such as saw marks, chips, bow, and taper. Readjusts saw controls based on measurements and inspection. Starts saw and observes operation of saw to ensure wafers are sliced according to specifications. Removes sliced wafers from saw and cleans wafers in sink or ultrasonic cleaner. May mount crystal ingot to mounting block [CRYSTAL MOUNTER 677.687-014]. May be designated according to type of saw operated as V-Block Saw Operator; Wire Saw Operator.