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Crystal Inspector

Inspect, measure, and test semiconductor crystal ingots.

What does a Crystal Inspector do?

Inspects, measures, and tests semiconductor crystal ingots to determine compliance with specifications, using measuring devices and test equipment: Transports ingot to workbench by cart or by hand. Measures ingot flat, diameter, and length, using calipers and ruler. Weighs ingots on scales and calculates weight loss due to grinding and sawing. Tests ingot resistivity, using electronic probes. Records weights, measurements, and other test results in logbook and on labels, and attaches labels to ingots. May operate saws to cut off ends of crystal or to cut sample wafers. May tend furnace that heat-treats ingots to alter resistivity to meet specifications. May determine crystal orientation, using x-ray machine. May operate grinding machine to bevel ends of crystals. May operate sandblasting machine to remove glaze from ingot surface. May tend equipment that etches ingots to remove surface material. May calculate proportion of impurities, using resistivity readings and specified formula.