Crystal Grower

Set up and operate furnaces to grow semiconductor crystals.

What does a Crystal Grower do?

Sets up and operates furnaces to grow semiconductor crystals from materials, such as silicon, quartz, or gallium arsenide: Loads furnace with seed crystal, dopant, and crystal growing materials, such as polysilicon, quartz, gallium arsenide, or remelt. Reads work order and adjusts furnace controls to regulate operating conditions, such as power level, temperature, vacuum, and rotation speed, according to crystal growing specifications. Monitors meltdown of growing material and crystal growth, and adjusts furnace controls. Shuts down furnace and unloads crystal ingot after cooling. May clean inside furnace, using vacuum cleaner and cleaning supplies, and replace furnace liner and other parts. May weigh and crop crystal ingot, slice sample wafer, measure and test ingot for resistivity, and determine crystal orientation [INSPECTOR, CRYSTAL 726.684-054]. May operate computer controls to regulate furnace conditions.