Cryolite Recovery Operator

Operate machines to recover cryolites from scrap potlinings.

What does a Cryolite Recovery Operator do?

Operates machines to recover cryolite from scrap potlining: Sets mill gauge to specified feed rate and adjusts air volume, according to screen analysis from laboratory. Sets hearth rheostats and heat controller to specified temperature, and turns valves to adjust rate of flow of steam and oil to burners. Starts system of conveyors, grinder, roaster, mixer equipment, cooling and exhaust fans, and burners. Moves levers to regulate flow of materials, and adjusts valve to control volume of liquor. Turns valve to drain spent liquor and lime hydrate to causticizer tanks. Makes titration test, records results, and sends samples to laboratory. Observes gauges, indicators, thermometers, and controls to ensure conformity to specifications.