Tend machines that mix liquid, powder, and paste to form slurry.

What does a Crutcher do?

Tends machines that mix specified quantities and types of liquid, powder, and paste ingredients to form slurry for processing into soap products, such as bars, flakes, chips, and granules: Pulls slide from discharge chute of hopper to admit preweighed dry materials into tank, or shovels preweighed solid ingredients into tank. Opens valves to add specified amount of water, paste, or steam. Starts agitator to mix materials for prescribed period of time. Observes gauge and adjusts valves to maintain specified temperature. Weighs and dumps specified additional ingredients or adjusts scale tank and pumps in additional ingredients. Turns valve to pump completed batch to booster tank, or shovels completed batch into wheelbarrow. Draws sample of slurry for laboratory analysis. Records number of batches mixed.