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Crusher Tender

Tend machines that break ores, skimmings, furnace residues and clay pieces.

What does a Crusher Tender do?

Tends machine that breaks ore, skimmings, furnace residue, clay pieces, pot-room butts, or green carbon scrap into smaller sizes for further processing: Starts crusher. Regulates flow of materials into crusher from conveyors, chutes, or bins. Prods large lumps with bar to force them through crusher. Breaks oversize lumps with sledgehammer. Maintains uniform flow of crushed materials to screens or roll crushers for further sizing by controlling movement of conveyor belt or feeder. Cleans, lubricates, and makes minor repairs to crusher. May remove scrap wood or iron by hand or with an electromagnet. May operate vibrating screens to separate materials within size ranges. May select samples of materials, using shovel or mechanical sampler. May tend control panel to monitor crushing machines that clean anode assemblies and be designated Anode-Assembly Cleaner I.