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Crusher-and-Blender Operator

Operate machines and equipment to crush and blend coals.

What does a Crusher-and-Blender Operator do?

Operates machines and equipment to crush and blend coal of various compositions to obtain specified mixture used in producing coke: Turns valve to admit oil to mixer. Starts hammer mill, mixer, and conveyor equipped with harrow disks. Moves lever to adjust blade on feed tables to deliver coal to mixer. Observes operation of machines to detect malfunctioning, clogging, and unevenness of flow. Frees clogged coal by striking side of hopper with mallet. Adjusts or replaces screens and hammers in mill, using handtools. Observes meters, gauges, and thermometer, and records temperature, oil consumption, tonnage mixed, and operating time. Cleans work areas, using broom. May open valves and start pumps to unload oil trucks. May test pulverized coal for conformance to specifications. May crush specific composition of coal and be designated Coal-Pulverizer Operator.