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Cruise Ship Safety Officer



Teach crewmembers and passengers about emergency procedures on a ship.

What does a Cruise Ship Safety Officer do?

Safety is top priority on any cruise ship. After all, it wouldn’t be good for business to drive 4,000 passengers into a country in the middle of an uprising, or into the hands of pirates. Although the job of Cruise Ship Safety Officers is outside the realm of those situations, they do have control over the safety of passengers while on the cruise ship.

Your position as a Cruise Ship Safety Officer is a high-ranking position that puts you in charge of training other employees. The top order of business is teaching Porters, Shore Excursion Managers, and Waiters what to do in case of an emergency. In fact, every crewmember on board has the Cruise Ship Safety Officer on his or her schedule for frequent and thorough training sessions.

Outside of training your staff, you brief passengers on how to react to an emergency. Each time the cruise ship loads up with a new passenger list, you mandate a safety session to inform them where to go, how to find a life jacket, and which lifeboat has their figurative name etched in the side.

When all of the people know how to react, you turn your efforts to the vessel herself. Cruise ships are massive vessels, commonly having thousands of rooms. That makes it a huge task when it’s time to test the fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. You keep logs of inspections, frequently test waterproof hatches, perform fire drills, and take an inventory of life jackets.

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