Assist casino patrons with games.

What does a Croupier do?

Croupiers, or Dealers as they’re commonly referred to in the United States, are employees at casinos or gambling establishments. If you’re a Croupier, you’re the person casino patrons either love or loathe during their gambling binge in Las Vegas.

On a typical workday, you write and run tickets, provide dice, deal cards, calculate winning bets, and collect losing bets for table games such as craps, blackjack, and roulette. But it’s not all fun and games – while the eyes in the sky are there to catch crooks, they simply cannot monitor every move made on the floor. As a Croupier, you’re also in charge of monitoring players for violations of casino rules.

Since you’re working directly with the clientele, you must be skilled in customer service, ensuring that each player has an enjoyable time in the casino. Moreover, you must be a master of your craft, as most Gaming Dealers are proficient in at least two casino games (blackjack and craps.) Most dice games, especially craps, involve a hefty amount of math, so be sure to brush up on those times tables from elementary.

Casino environments are unique workplaces, so make sure you like the setting before you sign up. Casinos create a party environment for their guests, and emotions and volume run high there. This means drinking and smoking are part of your clientele’s night, and you’re expected to help host the party and keep it going.