Critical Care Tech

Assist Nurses with the basics of running an emergency room.

What does a Critical Care Tech do?

Critical Care Techs help care for critical injured and ill patients. Many different health care workers can provide critical care, including Certified Nursing Assistant, and Er Nurses. However, most Critical Care Techs are Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with special training.

You keep hospital emergency rooms running smoothly by providing very basic care to patients and completing miscellaneous administrative tasks. Emergency rooms and hospitals are so busy that even the assistants need assistants. On any given night, they might experience a never-ending deluge of people suffering from broken bones, heart attacks, gunshot wounds, and other ailments. To make sure everyone gets the care they need, Doctors need help from Critical Care Techs.

Because you’re not a Doctor or a Nurse, you’re limited in the amount of patient care you can provide. Still, you often perform very basic tasks like checking patients’ vital signs, dressing their wounds, and giving them baths. In the event of an emergency, you’re also trained to give CPR.

Mostly, though, you’re a behind-the-scenes helper. For instance, you clean the emergency room, answer phones, restock depleted supplies, move patients, and prepare beds and rooms for new admits. Often, you also take care of the medical equipment that Physicians and Nurses use in the emergency room, which means setting it up, transporting it, cleaning it, and putting it away.

Basically, you do whatever little things need doing so that Doctors and Nurses can focus on the big things: treating patients and saving lives.